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Horror Rant

I believe that the movies don't have enough gore. What happened to the 70's and 80's flicks with blood and guts and gooze and vomit and repulsion and gore galore? The kind of flicks where you either wet your self or looked around every corner, paranoid as hell, after seeing it. I'll tell you what happened, the "Peace Freaks" happened. Politicly correct happened. Screw being Policically correct. Do you know whats wrong with the horror genere today? Too soft. They're just not scary. We need more movies like Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses", "Freddy Vs Jason" and "Final Destination 2". Gore Galore. That's what we need. The reason that horror is my fav. genere is not because of all the violence (That helps but not the main reason), Because of all the awesome speciall effects. I loved "Ghost Ship". Why? Because of the blood bath that happens in the first 10 mins! Not just any blood bath, one where the effects take a second to kick in... real nice, a real slice. Another great gore scene is in "Resident Evil". If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talkin' about. The Grid. God that's great! I like movies that are like magic tricks, you know, the ones that make you say, "How the hell did they do that?!" My kinda movie. The ones where not EVERYTHING is digital. That's what attracted me to horror in the first place. The special effects... Gore Galore.

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Who do I like in Horror? A good question. One that requires alittle thought... John Carpenter. Clive Barker. George A. Ramero. Wes Craven. Kane Hodder. Robert Englund. Vincent Price. Rob Zombie. Alfred Hichcock. What do all these names have in common? There all sick. Each of these men has managed to bring something to Horror that just wasn't there before and they have all taught us something. John Carpenter: A vision of what's scarey. He gave us a "killer's eye view" and then taught us how important music is to movies. He also brought us Michael Meyers, one of the scarest killers to date! Clive Barker: Clive Brought special effects to a whole new level. He taught us the art and beauty of how skin can be manipulated, pulled and moved. He really made it an art. George Ramero: the dead. The man Brought back the dead, and did it with unsurpassed style. His remake of "Night of the Living Dead" still haunts my dreams. He tought us the value of good makeup and special effects combined, and most importantly, the value of proper GORE! Wes Craven: A horror genius. The man brought us Freddy for gods sake. He made us feel unsafe even in our dreams. Few people can do that, few people can get in your mind and make you think "Damn!" Wes has taught us that even when you think the horror genre is dead, it's not. Kane Hodder: Kane is best known world wide as Jason Voorhees. He has taught us the value of dedication. He is so dedicated to his fans that he got "KILL" tattooed on his bottom lip! He made us fear Jason again, and for that we love him. Robert Englund: two words: Freddy Kruegger. Arguably the most famous killer of all time, Freddy was a wise cracking killer with a knife glove, that proved that there is no rest for the wicked. Robert is the biggest horror buff of all time and has proven time and time again that the horror genere is and always will be the best in the Biz. He lent his voice for the "Flix Mix" movie, "Boogey Men", and proved that he knows his stuff. Vincent Price: Mr.Price was also a horror buff but from a nother generation. Vincent taught us the value of a creepy voice, lending it to the greatest (okay, only) horror music video of all time: "Thriller". And Last but not least: Rob Zombie: I enclude Rob in this list of what makes for a great horror movie because he knows. Horror movies are ment to scare you. Rob worked on geting the film "House of 1000 Corpses" released from 2000 to 2003, when it finaly was. The movie was thought to be too gorey. Too scarey. I ask you, is there really such a thing? Not for us die hard horror fans theres not. Rob's movie was so scarey that it was originally going to be an NC17 movie, but after Rob cut out some of the more grusome parts (thats kinda punny), it recieved an R rating instead. Rob's dedication to the project and to making a film for the true fans is what got it launched, and we thank him for it. Oh, and don't worry fans, the DVD due for release in October of 2003 will have ALL of the scenes. Then theres Hichcock. Do I even need to explain? This man is the grandfather of horror! He knew what made you scared and gladly made it real. He did this in ways that other directors of the time could only dream of. Hichcock has often been immatated but never duplicated. And that, my friends is what makes horror great. The people like thoes above are the madmen that make us proud.

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